Today, the blog post is dedicated to a recent brand here at EscapeShoes, but that’s already a bit hit! It’s Fila! You’ve surely heard of this brand, since it’s hard walking down the street and not seeing someone wearing its clothes or shoes. It’s an Italian brand focused on sportswear that’s of high quality and at the same time practical. And that’s especially evident in its sneakers! The most popular are the ones with the chunky sole, which are now trendy, but you can also find other different styles of trainers. Check them all out on today’s post!

Women’s sneakers

Fila Women

As you can see, there’s a huge range of Fila sneakers for women! Besides the classic Disruptor, you can also find other chunky sole shoes, for example the Strada and the Ray Low. Moreover, you’ve simpler shoes, like the Orbit and the Upstage. You also have other colours to choose from, in addition of the black and white. Do you already have a favourite? Which one would you choose for you?

Men’s sneakers

Fila Men 

On the other hand, so that the men don’t get too jealous, we’ve the Fila Orbit sneakers! They’re available in both white and navy, so you already know that whichever you pick, you’ll be able to match them with anything.

However, the best of all is the comfort that you’ll feel as soon as you wear your Fila sneakers! Either they’re for women or for men each pair is especially made so that you have a very comfy stride. Even the ones with the chunky sole! You might think that they’re very heavy, but that’s not at all true! They’re so incredibly lightweight that it’s like you’re walking on clouds! Therefore, don’t waste any more time and order your Fila trainers now before they are sold out! Where? At EscapeShoes, of course!

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