The sneakers of the future have arrived at EscapeShoes! We’re talking about Muroexe, which offers shoes that are simplistic and at the same time innovative. It’s quite a recent brand, since it was founded in September 2013, but despite that it’s already available in over 51 countries, and now it’s already in our online store! Therefore, today’s blog post serves to let you get to know this brand’s amazing trainers! Let’s go!

Something you notice right away as soon as you see Muroexe sneakers is their minimalistic designs. This is due to the brand’s ideals that “less is more”. However, it’s that minimalistic image that ensures that it’s able to complement casual and formal so well. This way, these sneakers become perfect either for business meetings or to grab a cup of coffee. There are two models in particular that show these values to perfection:

  • Muroexe Atom Oasis sneakers
  • Muroexe Erosion Moss sneakers

Muroexe Atom Oasis sneakers

These trainers are made of technical 3D mesh, i.e. mesh especially developed to keep your feet comfy and ventilated. There are available in many colours, for example black, white, grey, dark blue and light blue. So, you’ve a lot to choose from!


Muroexe Erosion Moss sneakers

On the other hand, these trainers are made of a very soft and velvety microfiber. It has a texture similar to suede, but it’s totally vegan! You can find them in black, in dark blue and in brown, colours that you must already know are very easy to match.

Whichever the chosen model is, you can be sure of something! Muroexe trainers are very comfortable! Their insoles are very padded, while the soles are super lightweight, so that you can have your feet comfy all day, every day!

Now that you know this brand’s sneakers, take a step towards the future by buying your pair! All the sneakers we’ve showed you on this post are available at the EscapeShoes online store, so don’t be without yours! Come pay us a visit and buy your Muroexe now!

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