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The top of 2018 Fly London shoes!

Fly London has always stood out for its enormous diversity of footwear, with many shoes and colours to choose from. And of course this spring / summer collection’s no exception! As you bet on this Portuguese brand, you can be sure that you find the shoes that you need for any occasion, but on this EscapeShoes blog post we’ll mainly focus on:

  •          Fly London sneakers
  •          Fly London sandals

Obviously when we talk about Fly shoes, we can refer to many more than just these two types of footwear. So, why these two? Keep reading today’s post to learn why these are the best shoes for this season!

Fly London sneakers

fly london

It was only recently that the brand started to add trainers to its collections, but that doesn’t stop it from launching stylish and fashionable shoes season after season, such as these Fly London Sea Stot sneakers. They’re not very sporty, which allows a more daily use, for example at the workplace, but at the same time they’re casual and comfortable. However, the best of all’s their price! You won’t find online shoes of this quality and at this price anywhere else!

Fly London sandals

fly london

Contrarily with what happens with the trainers, this brand’s sandals have a long history and many of their lines are already iconic. We could talk about many others, but today we’d like to focus on its Glam line, known for its cork wedges that offer a comfortable and stable walk. Many sandals already came from this line, but there are always classics that come back to delight new fans. Cases in point are the Fly London Gaia Pearl and the Fly London Gosh Luna. Both already appeared in previous collections, but now they’re available in current fashion colours: silver and gold. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Now that you’ve seen our suggestions, tell us which are your favourite Fly shoes? Do you have an all-time favourite or was there any novelty from Fly London 2018 that surprised you? Tell us all! And for those that are a new fan, don’t let the name fool you! You can find Fly London in many countries and, even better, you can see the best of Fly London online with just a few clicks here at the EscapeShoes online store. You just need to place your order and receive it directly in your home with no mess or fuss. Don’t let your ideal pair fly away from you!

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