MTNG 2015 – New collection with all kinds of the most varied shoes!

MTNG 2015 – New collection with all kinds of the most varied shoes!

MTNG is a brand that offers us quality and very accessible products. The best of all is that, in this spring/summer collection 2015, it designs different styles of shoes. This way is able, one way or another, to ensure that you identify with some of its models. To stop persuading you, take a look at these three pair of Mustang sandals:


I believe that at first glance it is evident what we just said, but let us go in order! The first sandals, and also my favourite, are the MTNG Band Multicolour. I would dare say that they are sandals with a more hippie look, and perfect if you are a fun and cheerful woman. Their white platform sole makes the fuchsia and the brown stand out.

What do you think of the second model? It has a sole similar to the previous one and it is characterized for those two wide straps that will hold your insteps to perfection. I usually say that they are great for multiple occasions, because you can wear them to walk around town, to go to the beach or even to walk around the house cool during those hot summer days! Take a look at our website to see if you like them in other colours. You have 4 to choose from!

If what you want is to have a more elegant touch, choose these black and golden sandals. They are ideal to use daily, since you will be super comfortable with them. How about at work?

You already know a small portion of the variety of sandals, but I think that it is indispensable to dedicate a special section to the MTNG espadrilles. Simply look at this wonder!


I love them because they are espadrilles that mix a little bit of the relaxed style, which characterizes this type of shoes, with that more youthful and feminine look of the sequins. Who knew! The glow that they release matches phenomenally well with the esparto grass toecap and sole, right? It is important to point out that the sequins are perfectly fixed to the fabric, in order to make them more durable in a very malleable and resistant material. These are the three colours that you will be able to find at EscapeShoes. Which one do you prefer? Silver, pink or black?

Are you looking for a pair of sandals to make you feel truly elegant and feminine? The Mustang Vaqueta Cuero have come especially for you! It is a simple model, like I like, with a high heel, a side buckle and a truly discreet platform. However, there is much more to talk about with these shoes. Look at these pictures first and then we will tell you all about them.


The basic colours of their leather straps, brown and black, ensure that you can match them with a multitude of other colours. However, there is a detail tough to appreciate in the pictures… that left me personally with my mouth open when I had them in my hands. I’m talking about how soft the platform is, especially on the centre, where the front part of your feet lays. On the trims, it is a little more reinforced, in order to give it more resistance. In contrast, it keeps the flexibility that characterizes it perfectly. Do you want to buy them? You will love them!

Now tell us what kind of shoes you are thinking about buying! Are you a fan of espadrilles? Do you see yourself with platform sandals? You will be surprised by how light they are! You already know that at EscapeShoes you can see these and other models. Choose your favourites and place your online order of MTNG shoes.

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