The Best GUESS Shoes

Offer elegance and glow!

Do you have a special lady in your life, but you’re completely stressing out because you don’t know what to offer her for this Valentine’s Day? How about GUESS shoes? They’re ideal for that elegant and feminine woman that appreciates comfort and quality above all! And that’s even more obvious when we look at this brand’s autumn / winter collection 2018. Each one of its models is definitely elegant and chic, and will make any outfit stand out. And what woman wouldn’t love to open a beautiful gift wrap and see the white box with the name GUESS written on it?

This 2018 collection especially stands out for its more casual, urban and versatile sneakers, which are really in fashion nowadays, in basic colours but also in bright colours, complemented with metallized touches and prints, to make them unique. However, which ones are the most popular and requested models from this collection? Well, practically all of them match this description, but today on the EscapeShoes blog we’ve compiled a small sample of those that are truly considered the best of the best.

Black sneakers

We start with the most popular colour of all time, black, and GUESS created many sneakers in this colour. However, only a simple pair of black sneakers isn’t interesting enough! Therefore, the brand adds a few details to distinguish its sneakers from everyone else’s. For example, the GUESS Gamer2 Active Black sneakers on the first picture below present golden details and velvet. While the Cight2 Black sneakers on the second picture have red details that contrast beautifully with the black textile, but at the same time they don’t catch too much attention. Which one of the two do you prefer?


White sneakers

Now we go to the white sneakers, an equally neutral and versatile colour. And to start, we’ve a simple pair, completely in white, with a seam that forms the brand’s name on the side. And on the second picture below, we show you a pair of GUESS trainers also in white, though these ones have a few gold touches that are ideal if you love the metallized trend! Just check them out:


It’s really hard to choose only one pair, don’t you think so? And there are even more colours and designs to choose from, so buy now at EscapeShoes the GUESS sneakers that you believe that that special someone would like to have for this Valentine’s Day! Whatever it is you choose, surely it’ll be the right choice!

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