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estilo militar

The passion of the fashion sector for military uniforms and war clothes is old. The military style that we adopt today and that continues among the main trends of the next season has an old history. It dates back to the 19th century. XVIII and started with the fascination with the famous Spencer Jacket, a coat that results in a short version of those that were the formal ones used by British soldiers.


The relationship between the military trend and fashion was defined in two distinct moments: before and after the great world war. Before, the use of military elements was purely decorative. Essentially, military accessories, buttons or short collars were used.

During the great war, the soldiers’ need to wear warmer, more waterproof coats was the mother of the invention. It was precisely here that the iconic gabardine model designed by Thomas Burberry was born, with its characteristic military belt and wide buttons.



The fashion industry, like no other, was affected and called upon to intervene in the war effort and the iconic Burberry model was first in the service of the trenches and only afterwards reached the most expensive avenues in the main capitals.

But it was not only gabardine that was born out of this loving relationship.The famous bomber jackets or overcoats also had a military influence. The main designers, attracted by the functionality of these models, adopted their shapes and adapted them to civilian use.

tendencias militares


Modern military style

For several years, some more than others, the military look has been part of the trends, especially in the colder seasons. It offers an imposing and practical style above all, and can be figured by more or less discreet pieces with camouflage patterns or without. The simple use of what we call troop green, combined with darker colors and imposing shoes, already gives a military style in itself.

estilo militar

This style is characterized by the use of contrasts and, as a general rule, only one piece with a troop pattern or more irreverent shoes, make the whole look. Whether with dresses, short or long salts or military-influenced pants, this is probably the most versatile style out there!

Affirm yours, more or less discreetly, with our military-style footwear suggestions that will mark this new Autumn / Winter season. You can purchase all of them right here in our Escape Shoes online store!



This brand didn´t hesitate to bet on this trend of military style. Without ignoring the elegance that usually characterizes his models, he adhered to the metallic details and dared in the buckles and wide bands that give a more imposing aspect to these first models, available in black and brown suede. It also offers a more discreet model with extra comfort on the ankle, as is the last suggestion in black leather

estilo militar carmela


Fly London

The winning team doesn´t move and this is what Fly London did with these first models that were the most successful last year, when it was launched. Also available in white, these ankle boots combine the military style and the trend of the platforms and are therefore a hit of the season and, therefore, it was continued.

For those who prefer to walk less on heights and bet on a more discreet option, the brand offers these two ankle boots / military style wellies in burgundy or shiny black. A perfect choice for day-to-day and more casual situations.

Estilo militar Fly London


Lemon Jelly

The Portuguese brand presents the most irresistible military influences of the next season. Without giving up imposing heels, these new models prove that even the most aggressive military aspect can be, at the same time, elegant. This is more noticeable in ankle boots with two colors, but not even the wine-colored wellies it ceases to be.

With incredible interior comfort, these are the options you won’t want to leave, whatever the outfit you choose.

estilo militar lemon jelly



Estilo militar Xti

To make your choice easier, Xti presents you with the simplest, most obvious and affordable models. These military-style ankle boots / wellies fulfill their mission on the ground and adapt to almost any occasion.

Wear it with jeans or long pants if you don’t want such an obvious military style, or with something shorter to show off the complete model and take on the trend.



estilo militar

We can´t stop suggesting these three models: the military boots / metalheads of Alma en Pena  with incredible details (like the skull that locks the laces) and which are clearly of military influence. Hunter high wellies that, although in a different perspective from the other suggested models, fulfill their military function especially when combined with clothes of a more evident pattern (camouflage, for example). Finally, Dr. Martens, who is an open fan of this style and continues to bet on the model and, thus, to be within the trends.

The most difficult mission here is to choose which will be your best ally in combat. We advise strategic thinking, worthy of any soldier, that addresses in principal key issues. Among which: the type of terrain where you walk the most, as well as the type of environment you frequent most. This will help to choose a more irreverent or more sober model, warmer or more open and also by the type of material. Do you know what it will be?


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