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In today’s World, the thing we care must about is our comfort, of course there are times we need to put on some fancy shoes. But if we can be fashionable and feel comfortable at the same time, that would be perfect!

That is why we are about to give you some excellent choices of brand sneakers that are super practical, super comfortable and super fashionable, both for active women as for adventurous men.

Come along and get to know what the best sneaker brands are!

Fila – fashion at your feet!

The classical Fila Disruptor, previously available only in black or white, has gained a fresh breath with pink or golden colours. This made them pop out from the sports world unto the spotlight, getting them more and more fans between women. But even with these new options, it’s the white Disruptor that have the bigger fan basis. Wouldn’t you like to have a pair of them? Of course you would!

Fila Disruptor sneakers


Converse – the grand classics!

It has been long since the Converse universe reinvented the classical Chuck Taylor with unending different colours. But, in fact, us women indecisive as we are, whenever we have to choose we always prefer the classics: All Star Ox white or black. They are light, modern and always fashionable. We wear them with jeans, shorts and, why not, with dresses. They look great with anything, don’t they? That is why we love them!

Converse all star

Timberland – the city adventurer!

In terms of men’s shoes, Timberland always pops out. They always have modern, original and perfect models for the city adventurers. Like Retro Runner Oxford Total Eclipse, with a more classical design, perfect for casual situations or citylike environments. Or these brown Timberland, they are more sturdy yet incredibly light and perfect for trail hiking.

Timberland sneakers

This brands quality is based on the technologies it uses in their sneakers. For example VIBRAM that gives them more stability and more ground adherence, or GORE-TEX, which consists of a breathable, water-proof membrane.

Still, this is not Timberland exclusive, and that takes us to the last grand brand of today…

Merrell – passion for the great outdoors!

That’s right; these are just some of the technologies that make Merrell a reference brand among the outdoor lovers. Besides being comfortable, they are easily adaptable to any kind of floor. They can give you great stability either descending a cave, climbing a mountain or just going up your front steps. Check bellow these two different versions of the super famous Merrell Chameleon. Surely it is impossible to choose which one you like best!

merrell chameleon


Now, tell me if these aren’t really the best sneaker brands ever! Of course they are, and their models are always modern, comfortable and indispensable for any occasion!

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