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Currently, we prioritize comfort above all else. Of course, there are situations where we need to wear more formal shoes, but if we can be fashionable and comfortable at the same time, so much the better!

That’s why we present you, below, tips for excellent choices of super practical, comfortable and fashionable brand sneakers, both for active women and for the more adventurous men.

Come and discover the best sneakers brands with us!

Fila – fashion at your feet!

The Fila Disruptor model was only available in white or black, and  Fila gave it a new lease of life, with shades like pink or gold. This made her jump from the sports world to the spotlight, gaining more and more fans among the female audience. Even with the new options, it’s the white Disruptors that continue to attract the most fans. Didn’t you want to have some too? Of course yes!

Check out some examples of models available below, such as the  Strada Dreamster Blue Glass, the Disruptor Logo Low Branco e Azul Marinho and Sandblast L Wmn White 1011035-1FG.


Ténis Fila

Converse – the great classics of footwear! 

The  Converse universe has long taken the classic Chuck Taylor models and reinvented them in endless colors. In fact, women, when they have to choose, usually prefer the classics, the All Star Ox White or the black version. They are light, modern and always in fashion. Worn with jeans, with shorts and, why not?, with dresses. They look good with everything, don’t they? That’s also why we love them!

See below for some examples, such as the All Star Chuck Taylor 123174C Ox Black, the All Star Magic Flamingo 171268C and the All Star Steel White Black 571405C.


Ténis Converse

Timberland – the city adventurer!

When it comes to men’s footwear, Timberland stands out. Always with modern, original and perfect models for city adventurers. The Retro Runner, with a more classic design, perfect for casual and city environments, or the Timberland Brown, more robust, but super light and perfect for walking trails.

Check out some available models below, such as the Solar Wave Lt Low Gray Violet, the Adv 2.0 Cupsole Modern Ox Saddle and the Solar Wave Low Knit Black Irirs TB 0A2DBT.

Ténis Timberland

The quality of this brand also encompasses the technologies it uses in its sneakers. Among them is, for example, VIBRAM, which provides greater stability and grip, or GORE-TEX, a breathable waterproof membrane.

Merrell – the passion for the vast outdoors!

Like Timberland, Merrell sneakers also have these technologies that make the brand a must-have for outdoor lovers. In addition to being comfortable, they are easily adaptable to any type of terrain and give you excellent stability, whether you are exploring a cave, climbing a mountain or just climbing the steps of your building.

See below some examples of models, such as the Chameleon Lisboa Dark Earth J004074, the Alpine Sneaker Ebony J16699 and the Anvik 2 Earth J003537. It will be impossible to decide which one you like best!


Ténis Merrell

Pepe Jeans – casual-trendy combo! 

Pepe Jeans has discovered its place in the world of footwear, both for men and women, combining a casual look with a constant concern for fashion. The Pepe Jeans sneakers are ideal for those looking to leave the house with the certainty that they have chosen the right sneakers for any occasion in city life.

Men and women have several options for a weekend lunch, on a terrace, with friends, or for a quiet walk around town with the family. Don´t believe? Check below two of the models available in our online store.

Take a look at some of the available models below, such as the Britt Pro Woman Tech White, the London W Soft White and the Dover New Light.


Ténis Pepe Jeans


Tommy Hilfiger – classic and casual in the same pair!

If you’re looking for more classic lines, but still adapt to a more relaxed outfit, check out the Tommy Hilfiger sneakers.Suitable for more urban programs, these sneakers carry a historic, internationally recognized brand that aims to celebrate classic American cool style.

Take a look at some examples, such as the Monogram Elevated Sneaker Misty BlushRetro Runner Mix Twilight Navy and City Flatform White.

Ténis Tommy

Gant – elegance and quality! 

Gant is a widely recognized brand that combines sportier American style with a casual, elegant look. This is also the line that follows their sneakers, which are intended for bold men and women, who seek to combine a classic and elegant relaxation on their feet.

Check out some examples below, such as the models Nicerwill White Beige YellowNicerwill White Multi 24537717 and Benvinda Beige Orange

Ténis Gant

Puma – sport and urban style! 

Puma is a brand that is widely known in the world of sport, but has taken great strides in the modernization and urbanization of the style of tennis and clothing. The brand’s sneakers contain high quality materials and characteristic lines, guaranteeing comfort and safety for anyone who is a fan of this type of sneaker.

See examples below, with the Karmen L40 Opera MauveR22 40 Peacoat No1 and X-Ray Safari Wns White Big Cat.

Ténis Puma


Are they the best shoe brands or not? Models that resist the passage of time, always keeping up to date, comfortable and essential for any occasion!

If you feel like buying new sneakers, check out our online shoe store EscapeShoes, where you can find these exceptional models and even more!


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